Anticipation: Great Preparations

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Anticipation: Great Preparations Hal Hester Isaiah 11.1-16 23 December 2018 Every great event, every amazing rescue effort, every incredible feat of architecture has required great planning and preparation. Likewise God has set forth his anticipation of the future with great planning and preparation. So after thousands of years one might ask, What is God anticipating? […]

Anticipation: The Promise

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Anticipation: The Promise Genesis 3.1-15, Ephesians 1.4 2 December 2018 So much of life we look forward with anticipation to things that are fleeting. Things that make big promises but fail to deliver. So what about the real promise of Christmas? If you would like to support us in our ministry you can do so […]

A Grateful Heart

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The song of a grateful heart Psalm 100:1-5 This Psalm for the thanksgiving offering was intended to invite, even insist, that the people pf the earth come into fellowship with God. Where our thanksgiving is grateful for what God has given this thanksgiving song is thankful for who God is and invites us to enjoy […]


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Angling Matthew 18.15-35 Sometimes we can be lured into thinking we are doing one thing and we end up doing something completely different than we ever intended. When it comes to dealing with offense often times we take the bait of the Satan and let offense turn into real conflict. But Jesus gives us guidance […]

God is Why We Hope

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Hopeless?: God is Why We Hope Job 42.1-17When we consider the trials that we face we often feel hopeless, as if the magnitude of life will overcome us.  What we learn through Job is that when things look hopeless that the God of hope is there with us giving us strength. If you would like […]