Church History with Stu Glover

February 20, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Vineyard Christain Church
375 S Broad St Brooksville Fl 34601
Stu Glover

Christianity Through The Centuries is NOT like the history classes you endured in high school. It is HIS STORY (Jesus’). It is the family tree of our brothers and sisters, who sometimes followed HIS lead, but  often made a mess. You will learn how our spiritual ancestors coped with persecution from the world, bickering with fellow Christians, and victories in theological discoveries and personal awakenings. It has

been said that, “How can we be Ambassadors of a Kingdom of whose history we are ignorant?”

For most students, history taught in school was a boring drudge of memorizing useless dates and wars. 

As a Christian, you might have wondered how the Church got to this place it is now? This course will be eye opening. Have you ever wondered why the Bible has 66 books; why is my church so different from the Roman Catholic, the Greek Orthodox, the Methodist or the Pentecostal churches? Just what is a Vineyard church?  Have there really been more Christians martyred in the last few years than in the first 300 years of the infamous Roman Persecutions? Why are church services on Sunday and not on the Sabbath Saturday?  Did you know that for 1000 years, the strongest churches were in Turkey?

The textbook is “Church History in Plain Language, 4th ed.” by Bruce Shelley. While it is not required, it is an easy reading book which we should have available to look up issues that keep reoccurring throughout the Christian world. This course has condensed 2000 years into 8 Wednesday nights. Every believer can tremendously profit by attending this series. Last Offered:  Fall 2013.  8 Week course.

Cost of Material:  $20-Kindle, $25, (Prime), $14, (other) from Amazon.