Pledge Sunday

February 17, 2019 all-day
Vineyard Christian Church
375 S Broad St Brooksville Fl 34601
Hal Hester

Our Refinement campaign is underway. As you pray about Refinement my hope is that you will take time to review those four areas of focus: Signage, Sound, Systems, and Simplification. If you have any questions about those goals please do not hesitate to ask me questions. It is my goal to make the needs clear and concise without bogging anyone down with details. Having said that, sometimes people need details to better understand why. I assure you that nothing in the plan is frivolous, and there are lots of details. The original raw video was over twenty minutes long, with lots of detail and me virtually never taking a breath (Boy did they do a great job of editing that down?). So I am full of details if you want them. Then on February 17, we will be handing out pledge cards in hopes of raising the $75,000 we need to complete the goals. Some have already asked what if we raise more than $75,000. Well, I would be happy to lay out more of our vision, with details and dollars. The truth is that there are more than $2 million dollars in vision expenditures that need funding over the next few years. For instance, all of those HVAC units that we are starting to save money towards, the balance of our mortgage, and the repairs to the future Family Life Center, as well as additional needs at the Community Center. That’s just to name a few things!